This article from outlines the two new updates that occurred last week.

The latest update seemed to lessen the effect of exact match domains on search results. For example, if you own the domain “”, you probably won’t be getting any help ranking for those keywords any longer. My concern is that this EMD (exact match domain) update may actually be penalizing sites. I’ll likely provide an update on the effect of this update within the next week or two!

In addition, there seems to have been another algorithm update that’s being called “Panda 20”. The effects of this update are still unclear to me. However, it was confirmed by Google’s Matt Cutts that another algorithm change did occur at the same time so we will also be checking back with more on this!

All of this has me more and more convinced that extremely white-hat SEO tactics are the only way to ensure your site is not affected by future Google algorithm changes. I recommend reading more from Eric Ward (aka Link Moses)!