Why Choose Us?

Marketing Services

Marketing service providers and agencies are notorious for trying to convince business owners that their solution is the best solution. It’s our contention that marketers (not necessarily as a result of bad intentions) may be suggesting wasteful and ineffective marketing services and solutions to business owners. We believe in focusing your marketing investment on strategies that are most likely to produce tangible and measurable results. If we can help you, we’ll let you know. If we can’t, we’ll tell you that too! If we think you could save money with an alternative option, that’s information we’ll share with you. We’re not interested in selling services that aren’t designed to produce measurable and tangible results for your marketing investment.

Proven Results

We get real, tangible results for our clients when it comes to driving new business…bottom line. We’ve helped dozens of business clients implement marketing strategies that work and we look forward to doing the same for you!

Trusted by Other Marketing Pros

When it comes to search marketing, we’re the go-to experts for nearly half a dozen other small agencies and consultants nationwide. We’ve earned a reputation as true experts in the field and are currently trusted and contracted by other marketing pros to perform and guide SEO and SEM efforts for THEIR clients.

Nationally Recognized Expertise

Ricky’s tips and insights have been featured in the following publications…

Competitive Pricing

2013 article by Forbes explains common SEO pricing in some detail. In that article, Forbes warns business owners looking to spend less than $500 that they are entering a realm where “most SEO snake oil is sold”. The article goes on to list $700-1,500 as a general rule of thumb for local businesses to spend on monthly SEO retainers.

Additionally, a 2013 article by industry leading publication Search Engine Watch lists $100-$300/hr as a standard range for quality SEO pricing. This 2016 article from Search Engine Land recommends spending no less than $750 per month to avoid shady SEO. Because we’re a small, remote agency with low overhead we’re able to offer top-notch service at $85/hr.

We also do our best to be resourceful for our clients to get the job done without charging them an arm and a leg! One such example is that instead of creating custom designed “landing pages”, we use a low budget tool called LanderApp to create great looking pages (like this one) for a fraction of the cost. We’re not interested in doing work because we can bill for it…we’re interested in doing work that makes a difference for your business. If we do, you’ll stick around and we’ll have a fruitful and successful long term partnership.

Service & Transparency

It sounds bit cheesy, but we truly care about our clients. If you’ve ever had a conversation with us, it’s very likely we’ve actually talked you OUT of doing something — That’s because we’re passionate about implementing strategies that are most likely to produce results for your marketing investment, not selling you our services. If we can help we’ll tell you so, if we can’t (or if we think you could save money elsewhere) we’ll tell you that too!