We Have One Mission


To get the absolute best BANG for your marketing bucks! To us, that means finding the most cost-effective way to generate new customers.


Our Process


Step 1 - Identify Your Best Options

We all have limited time and resources, so we can’t be everywhere, all the time, doing everything. What you really need is a reliable and cost-effective way to generate new customers. We’ll help eliminate “fluff” from your marketing budget and to focus your investments in the places most likely to produce real, measurable results.

Step 2 - Implement & Execute

After selecting the strategies we believe will be most likely to produce measurable results for your marketing dollars, we’ll execute on the plan! That means using our knowledge, experience and expertise to maximize our chances for success & business growth.

Step 3 - Measure Real Results

It’s time to stop obsessing over Facebook “likes” and website traffic. This is where our saying ‘LEADS over LIKES’ comes into play. We’ll help you monitor and measure the results that actually matter…how many new customers you’re acquiring from your marketing program and how much much it’s costing you to make that happen!

Step 4 - Optimize & Scale Growth!

Once things are rolling, we’ll constantly test, optimize and experiment to improve the performance and effectiveness of your marketing program. We’ll also focus on scaling growth and building out a more aggressive plan as needed.

Our Services

Search Marketing & Optimization

If we determine that SEO is a valuable investment for your marketing dollars, we’ll leverage organic search optimization techniques & tools like Google Adwords to ensure you are visible when people are actively searching for your products, services and content.

Email Marketing Programs

Do you rely on repeat business & sales? Or, need a way to stay in touch with your target audience? Email Marketing is the most direct route you have to communicate with your customers and prospects. It’s a relationship you can own and control.

Online Advertising & Social Media

This is often our #1 recommendation when working with new clients. Platforms like Facebook advertising allow you to reach and target only your ideal customers where they are already paying attention each and every day. We can help craft a strategy designed to drive measurable acquisition of new customer leads & sales.

Content Marketing

There is a lot to discuss here, and it’s truly a marketing investment that is not right for everyone, but Content Marketing (when done correctly) can help you build an audience that you can monetize through sales of your product or service – or even the content itself!

Why Choose Shockley Marketing?

Our owner, Ricky Shockley, has had his tips & insights featured in the following publications…

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    ^ Also published on Business 2 Community and Yahoo Finance!
It’s time to change the way you think about digital marketing & it’s time to stop making excuses for being to able to measure the results that actually matter. Stop using your Facebook “likes” and website traffic to justify your marketing spend. We can help put sytems in place that measure the number of actual new customer leads coming into your business each month, along with names and contact information of new leads generated. We can also track WHERE they come from, and can cross reference this data with you to see how many of your leads are actually turning into paying customers. It’s time for real & measurable results for your marketing investment.

Marketing service providers and agencies are notorious for trying to convince business owners that their solution is the best solution. It’s our contention that marketers (not necessarily as a result of bad intentions) may be suggesting wasteful and ineffective marketing services and solutions to business owners. We believe in focusing your marketing investment on strategies that are most likely to produce tangible and measurable results. If we can help you, we’ll let you know. If we can’t, we’ll tell you that too! If we think you could save money with an alternative option, that’s information we’ll share with you. We’re not interested in selling services that aren’t designed to produce measurable and tangible results for your marketing investment.

A recent article from IMPACT lists $100 – $180/hr as a standard range for digital marketing service pricing. Because we’re a small, remote agency with low overhead we’re able to offer top-notch service at $85/hr.

We also do our best to be resourceful for our clients to get the job done without charging them an arm and a leg! One such example is that instead of creating custom designed “landing pages”, we use a cost effective tool called Landingi to create great looking pages (like this one) for a fraction of the cost. We’re not interested in doing work because we can bill for it…we’re interested in doing work that makes a difference for your business. If we do, you’ll stick around and we’ll have a fruitful and successful long term partnership.

This really makes us proud! When it comes to search marketing & online advertising campaigns, we’re the go-to experts for nearly half a dozen other small agencies and consultants nationwide. We’ve earned a reputation as true experts in the field and are currently trusted and contracted by other marketing pros to perform and guide SEO online advertising campaigns for their clients.

3 Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Schedule Your Free 30-Minute Strategy Call

This is the first step we’ll take with each and every client. We’ll get to ask questions, learn more about your business and find out exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish. During this call, we’ll also get an idea if we are likely to be a good fit for you, and vice-versa.

Step 2: Get Your Custom Strategy & Suggestions Plan

After we’ve completed your complimentary strategy call, we’ll perform research and craft recommendations & suggestions for where to best allocate your marketing budget in order to produce real, measurable results.  Unlike many other agencies, this isn’t a chance for us to cram our services down your throat — instead, it will be an honest blueprint that you can use to shape your marketing budget whether you work with us or not!

Step 3: We Provide a Formal Service Proposal

If after receiving your custom strategy & suggestions outline you decide you’d like to enlist our help to make the magic happen, we’ll provide a quote for services. Remember, we’re here to take on the work that requires our experience and experience, not to charge you for services that are unlikely to produce real and measurable results for your marketing dollars!