SEO Overview

lets answer Some questions about seo

I don’t know much about SEO but I think it could help my business. Where can I read about the basics of SEO?

We STRONGLY recommend anyone interested in SEO services for their business read the Beginner’s Guide to SEO by If you first need a website, we’re happy to help with that but you could also check out this guide for building a site yourself through a builder like SquareSpace.



How long does SEO take to work?

We (nor anyone else) can or should guarantee ranking results or an exact timeframe because we can’t actually control the search results directly. See Google’s guidelines for business owners looking to work with an SEO
As an SEO, it is our job to implement and perform activities and strategies that we know correlated with improved rankings position and our agency has a proven track record of doing this. That being said, I can tell you that, generally, we’d expect to see ranking improvements within 60-90 days that continue to improve over time as we build the authority of your site. We track (a) keyword ranking improvements first which we want to see translate into (b) website traffic increasing which we want to translate into (c) new customer leads for your business.


    Why should I choose to work with Shockley Marketing instead of another company for SEO services?

    • Results: We have case studies and testimonials to showcase the results we’ve helped obtain for our clients!
    • Real expertise: Ricky’s tips and insights have been featured on sites like, Examiner,Search Engine Watch & more.
    • Trusted by other pros: We’ve been contracted by other local marketers and agencies to help their clients succeed with SEO and have even performed work for international agency clients in the United Kingdom.
    • Competitive pricing: Industry leading news site, Search Engine Watch, lists the typical rate for professional SEO services at $100-$300/hr. Our hourly service work is billed at ~$85/hr because we’re a small firm with low overhead that allows us to keep prices low for our clients!


    Why are your packages monthly and ongoing? Isn’t SEO something that can be done in a couple of weeks or months?

    While some aspects of SEO are largely performed at the beginning of a project, key items like constantly improving your site content, enhancing user experience, monitoring your progress and building site authority through earning quality inbound links are an ongoing effort. If you stop investing in SEO, you’ll eventually be left in the dust!

    Here is a great resource on the topic from Search Engine Land (



    Why do you sell pre-made packages instead of customizing a service to fit my specific needs?

    Service packages are often customized slightly, but we have three pre-outlined levels of intensity when it comes to an investment in local SEO and fully customized service packages for businesses that target customers nationwide. We’ve found that the principles of proper Search Engine Optimization remain the same from industry to industry, but that the time required to move things along depends heavily on how competitive your industry is. Because of this, we have three levels of service designed to meet the needs of every local business.

    All of our SEO packages are built on an estimated hourly allocation at $85/hr.



    I can’t afford monthly SEO services but want to make sure I’m not missing out on enhancing my SEO performance. Can you still help me?

    You bet! We offer custom consulting packages to help you and/or your team implement effective SEO best practices on your own starting as low as $200/month. If you don’t have the budget available to invest in quality SEO services, you (or one of your staff) have to make the TIME for it.

    Our consulting service will provide you with guidance and specific instruction to get you moving in the right direction!



    Are your prices pretty standard? Are they higher or lower than other SEO providers?

    A 2013 article by Forbes explains common SEO pricing in some detail. In that article, Forbes warns business owners looking to spend less than $500 that they are entering a realm where “most SEO snake oil is sold”. The article goes on to list $700-1,500 as a general rule of thumb for local businesses to spend on monthly SEO retainers.

    Additionally, a 2013 article by industry leading publication Search Engine Watch lists $100-$300/hr as a standard range for quality SEO pricing. Because we’re a small, remote agency with low overhead we’re able to offer top-notch service at $85/hr.



    For local SEO package pricing, click here.

    For businesses that target customers nationally, please contact us.