website design

Your website serves as the face of your business online

Shockley Marketing is partnered with Matt Granat of Granat Design to provide top quality website design services at an affordable rate! In addition, Shockley Marketing is proud to be providing Internet Marketing services to clients of Granat Design. 

Your website serves as the face of your business online and often provides your potential customers with their first impression of your business. A professional, well-designed website creates that powerful first impression! Don’t turn off potential customers with a non-working, ugly or out-of-date website!

Creating and designing a professional website is a fairly complicated process, which is why you should turn to our expert team led by Matt. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and needs in order to create a site that aligns perfectly with your desired company image.

We will work with you closely throughout the entire website design process to ensure that your website is meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

To learn more about how Shockley Marketing can help produce YOUR business website, contact us today!