Online Advertising

Our process

Advertising has changed, and for the better! The internet has allowed businesses large and small to leverage more targeted and measurable advertising opportunities for lower prices than ever.

At Shockley Marketing, we focus on three primary channels for our clients in regard to online advertising. Those are Facebook, Google and direct-to-website. All of our services are based on an hourly rate of $85 and will be customized to fit your individual needs. Here is how our online advertising process normally works…


  1. Select the channel – Based on your product or service, we’ll help determine whether Google, Facebook or a carefully placed ad campaign through specific websites would work best.
  2. Set up a landing page – We’ll set up a customized landing page designed to help drive those who click through your advertisement into leads and customers. These pages use industry best practices to increase the chances you can capture and convert!
  3. Set up the ad copy & targeting – We’ll make sure your ad campaign produces limited waste coverage and that you’re only spending money to attract the most qualified visitors.
  4. Tracking & optimizing – Our online ad campaigns provide you with incredibly detailed data related to leads generated, names and information to help you close the data loop and really see what’s working to drive bottom line business results.