Want to rank in Google local search results? Here is a great way to find citation opportunities for YOUR business!

  • Perform a Google search for your primary service offering (i.e. dentist west palm beach) and take a look at the sites that are showing up in the local listing results (the A, B, C etc. you see in search result pages)
  • Perform a Google search for the business name of one your top competitors using the following formula: (“business name”) -site:(competitors website url). For example, if one of your competitors is Bob Smith Dental and his website was bobsmithdental.com your search query would look like this–> “Bob Smith Dental” -site:bobsmithdental.com
  • This will display search results for mentions of your competitor, Bob Smith Dental, not including Bob Smith’s own website. Comb through these results and you’ll find sites that can provide awesome citations for your business!

finding citation opportunties