Why Us?

We believe that the vast majority of marketers and agencies focus on “doing” things without a clear vision of the “why” behind employing certain tactics. We focus on employing carefully crafted marketing strategies specifically designed to drive measurable results.

Does posting to Facebook every day do you any good if you don’t have an audience who cares about what you have to say? Are you developing new customers or strengthening relationships or are you just “doing” Facebook?

Do want to optimize your website to rank well for a certain search term? What if you rank for a keyword that doesn’t generate any new web traffic or business leads?

Are you sending out email blasts without understanding the business objectives behind doing so? Are your customers eagerly awaiting what you have to say or are you blasting them with sales messages they consistently ignore?

We believe there is a better way to market your business.

  • Pricing

You would be amazed at what many marketers are charging for inferior results! By keeping our overhead costs low and using open source software platforms when possible, we are able to keep YOUR costs as low as possible.

  • No long term contract

Many marketers and SEO’s will require you to sign a long term contract. At Shockley Marketing, we believe the quality of our work will speak for itself.  Once you are able to see new leads coming in, your website rankings climbing, and your website traffic increasing, we are confident that you will choose to continue working with us!

  • The most effective, up-to-date strategies

Marketing (and internet marketing in particular) is a constantly evolving science. At Shockley Marketing, we stay on top of any and all updates/changes and are constantly tweaking our strategies in order to achieve optimal results for our clients.

  • Quality customer service

Watch out! Many marketers will require you to sign a long term contract, and then fail to communicate with you for months at a time. When you work with Shockley Marketing, we will keep in touch regularly with important updates and news related to your account. We are dedicated to quality customer service and care.

  • Proven results

We are going to make your marketing efforts payoff; literally! We have a proven track record of delivering measurable results for clients in a wide array of industries and locations. With Shockley Marketing, you will receive detailed monthly reporting relating to your account progress.