SEO Company in West Palm Beach

Is your website being used simply an online brochure of your business? If so, you are missing out on new business daily! Let Shockley Marketing turn your website into a 24/7 lead generating machine!

Looking to get a jump in the search rankings and attract more traffic to your site? Well, welcome to the wild west of the business world! With no formal training or accreditation standards, there is a wide disparity (in terms of service, knowledge and work quality) among those offering up “SEO” services. At Shockley Marketing, we do things the right way. We follow the latest industry best-practices put forward by all of the major thought leaders in the SEO and inbound marketing industries. If you are looking for an SEO agency in West Palm Beach, we’d love to earn your business!

Our Search Optimization work is performed with one goal in mind…to help you “grow your business and make more money!” We take a comprehensive approach to our Search Optimization work in order to set your website up for success. Although there are a growing number of factors affecting search rankings, the core principles of proper Search Optimization are as follows:

  • Let Google Know What Your Site is About (Site & Page Optimization)

We make sure that your site is technically sound for indexing with the search engines and then optimize each page of your site using our 36 point checklist with industry leading SEO software by Moz. Most sites on the web are poorly optimized and many SEO companies ignore or fall short in this most crucial aspect of Search Optimization.

  • Build Your Site’s Credibility and Authority (Link Building & Strategic Outreach)

Assuming two websites are both technically sound, contain quality content and are properly optimized for search, the biggest factor determining search rankings is link authority.  Link authority is a measure of credibility based on what other websites link back to your site.  For example, if you have sites with poor link authority linking to you, they aren’t really helping and may actually be hurting your chances to rank in the search results. On the other hand, obtaining or earning links from highly reputable sites like news outlets, online publications and curated directories can do wonders for you site’s link authority. This is where we really stand out from the crowd! We utilize a variety of creative tactics and outreach methods to earn and obtain quality links that can drive relevant traffic to your site while allowing you compete for even the most competitive search terms.

  • Create Quality Content That is Uniquely Valuable and Interesting

As part of our search optimization packages, we create content monthly that is geared toward attracting relevant traffic to your website. We don’t use article spinners or steal already published content from the web, we create unique original content (written in-house by our marketing team) that provides unique, interesting and valuable information to your target audience. This quality content generation can attract potential customers to your website where they are exposed to your brand, your products and your services! In addition, quality content generation can help you earn natural links (link bait) and increase social activity related to your business.

At Shockley Marketing, we require NO long term contracts! We believe our results will speak for themselves. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to show some of the incredible results we’ve achieved for our clients!