7 Home Window Tinting Leads in 12 Days with Facebook Ads!

Hi there! Ricky with Shockley Marketing based in West Palm Beach, FL; we specialize in generating new customer leads via search optimization and social media advertising.

Today, I wanted to share an update on a Facebook Ads campaign we’re running for a client in the window tinting business and how we generated 7 home window tinting leads in only 12 days!

What is a Facebook Ad?

A Facebook Ad is an advertisement on behalf of a business or brand that shows up seamlessly in targeted users news feeds while they are on Facebook, like this…

Please note: the business name has been blacked out in this screenshot.

Please note: the business name has been blacked out in this screenshot.

The Goal

Our client made it clear — they wanted more home window tinting leads!

The Ad Strategy

We knew that Facebook Ads served as the perfect opportunity to drive new leads for our client, so we got started with the following…

  • Set up a Facebook Ad offering a limited time special of 20% any home tinting job
  • Carefully crafted our Ad messaging for maximum effectiveness
  • Target only those individuals on Facebook most likely to be customers (homeowners of a certain age, a certain net worth, living in an area surrounding the business — yes you can do all of this with Facebook Ads!)

Getting Lead Info

You never want to provide an offer with Facebook Ads (at least not typically) without asking for a user’s info in return. This allows you to follow up with leads without relying on them to take the next step — crucially important! Here is how we make that happen…

  • When users click our ad, they are sent to a custom made website page reiterating the offer and asking the user to provide their name, email and phone to claim the coupon
  • When a user gives us their info to claim the offer, our client receives an automatic email letting them know they have obtained a new lead!

The Results

To date, this campaign has only been running for 12 days, but has already generated 7 new customer leads, all of which match the targeting criteria we set with our ad. Here is what we’ve seen so far…


In only 12 days, our ad helped drive 7  new customer leads to our client!

  • $101.73 direct ad spend
  • 7 leads generated for home tinting
  • $14.53 per lead generated
  • 2,114 Facebook users saw our ad (all of which match our targeting criteria)

Interested in using this lead generation strategy for YOUR business? We’re happy to help! Call 561-304-9791 or email info@shockleymarketing.com for more.