E-Commerce SEO Case Study | Speciality Shoe Retailer

The Goal:

The owner of this retail store, George, came to us looking to boost their online presence through search in order to increase sales numbers through their website through the following:

  • Boost search rankings
  • Boost web traffic
  • Drive web sales

The Result

In less than 8 months, we were able to dramatically increase all of the leading performance indicators for George’s store as well as our most dramatic success to date in regard to direct sales

Search Ranking

  • Now have 41 tracked keywords in the Top 3 on Google Search
  • Now have 81 tracked keywords on Page 1 of Google Search

Website Traffic

  • 74% increase in website traffic
  • 1,193 visits per month (up from 686 per month when we began)


  • A near 1,000% increase in online sales
  • Over $7,000/month (up from $700/month when we began)

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