$99 SEO & Marketing Analysis Special

Learn what your competitors are doing to rank ahead of you on Google. We’ll also provide bonus items to help you learn how you can better leverage your website, social media channels & more to drive new leads to your business! (Normal price $300)


Our $99 Special will provide you with the following:

✓An in-depth look into your competitor’s SEO efforts

✓Keyword ranking report showing where you stand vs. top competitors

✓Detailed reporting on any issues your site may have holding you back from SEO success

✓Specific advice and insights on how you can improve your search position on Google

✓Detailed reports outline your current state of SEO vs top competitors you select

✓Strategy recommendations related to utilizing Google, Social Media channels and online advertising platforms to drive new business leads

✓A 30 minute phone call to go over our findings 

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Questions about this offer? Call us at 561.304.9791 or email info@shockleymarketing.com