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If You’re Only Doing ONE Thing to Market Your Business, It Better Be THIS…

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in General Marketing, Ricky Shockley's Marketing Madness Blog | 0 comments

I’m a big proponent of helping small businesses improve their organic search standing, I love the concepts around content marketing and audience building, I think there is great value with social media if managed properly and I’ve seen awesome success with email marketing when it comes to up selling and increasing repeat business. With that said, I’ve realized more and more over the past year or two that the SINGLE most valuable strategy for small business marketing (and where we generally start our service offering for most clients now) is with online advertising,...

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The 6 Pillars of Modern Marketing

Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in General Marketing, Shockley Marketing Minute | 0 comments

There is an abundance of information online related to specific strategies, new tools, trending social media channels and the latest buzzwords, but all of that information can be confusing and overwhelming for marketers and business owners. I’ve narrowed all of it down to 6 core pillars I’m calling “The 6 Pillars of Modern Marketing”. I believe that every marketing tactic, channel and tool can be narrowed down to these 6 pillars and that understanding these can help guide your overarching marketing plan. I look forward to diving deeper into each of these and how your...

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How To Market Successfully on Facebook in 2015

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The following article is from expert contributor Drew Larison, CEO and Founder of The Larison Company based in Kokomo, IN. Drew is an expert and speaker on the topics of social media marketing, small business marketing, consulting and more.  — The year was 2010. I had stumbled into the world known as social media marketing, and I couldn’t be more excited. You see, back in 2010 it didn’t take much to call yourself a “social media expert”. If you knew how to setup a Facebook and Twitter page, you were more intelligent on the topic than 90% of all business owners. Things have changed in 5...

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How to Create Content Assets: Stop Blogging for Long Tail!

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in Content Marketing, General Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Link Building, SEO | 2 comments

Google Hummingbird and Long Tail SEO The Google Hummingbird update (which launched August 20th, 2013) wasn’t a typical algorithm update; it was a fundamental change to how Google interprets search queries. Over the last several years, search marketers and search marketing products alike have developed a love affair for what we call “long tail” keyword targeting. This is the practice of targeting longer, more specific phrases that are generally easier to rank for in search.  While the practice of creating light (and often poor quality) content in order to attract search traffic from these...

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Creating A Unique Value Proposition

Posted by on May 3, 2013 in General Marketing | 0 comments

 To develop a great unique value proposition, put yourself in the shoes of your targeted consumer. What do they want from your product or service? What is important to them? What issues do they generally have with your competitors? Your selling proposition should be demonstrate something of value to your potential customers. For instance, if you run a fast food restaurant, you would want to figure out what your customers are looking for a from a fast food restaurant (ie. fast service, prices, good food, friendly staff, cleanliness etc.) You would also want to gain insights to issues they...

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How to Optimize Your Google Plus Local Page (Google Places)

Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in General Marketing, SEO | 0 comments

Are you wondering why Google has your business listed behind your competitors on their Places listings? Do you want to move to the top of these listings? If so, make sure you do these three things! 1. Know Your Targeted Keywords While many people/businesses select default category tags for their Places listings, Google actually allows you to enter custom keywords! Fill out your category tags and match them to your target keywords. We recommend selecting a few default tags and adding a couple of your own. For example, if you are a West Palm Beach based Personal Injury Attorney, select the...

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